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Downtown Clean Team

The Clean Team plays a key role in supporting our business environment through a 5 day a week program of basic sidewalk and street litter pick-up. Downtown Prince George’s partnership with the Prince George Brain Injured Group gives their clients an employment opportunity and keeps our downtown litter-free. Each day of the week the Downtown Clean Team makes their rounds ensuring that the 41 blocks of downtown are kept litter free. We are proud of the work provided by our team members who are contributing to a vibrant, clean, and safer downtown.

Downtown DART Alley Clean Team

This program is a partnership between Downtown Prince George and the Drug & Alcohol Recovery Team (DART) to support a  Clean Team that focuses on maintaining the cleanliness in our downtown alleys and laneways. The Alley Clean Team provides pick-up and clean-up of discarded needles, drug paraphernalia and other debris throughout the Downtown C1 Zone. 

Downtown Graffiti Removal

Why is it important to report?/ How Graffiti impacts the Downtown and why you should report it if you see it.

  •  Delays in removal tend to encourage graffiti vandals to expand the graffiti to adjacent properties. In this way, graffiti can act as a magnet and attract more graffiti to the area.
  • Sending a message that nobody cares about the area.
  • Causing an area to look unsafe making people feel concerned about their personal safety.
  • Creating an open invitation for more littering, loitering, and other graffiti.
  • Decreasing pride in a community, where businesses may suffer, and neighbourhoods may deteriorate.
  • Areas becoming less appealing to those who may be looking to buy or rent property.
  • Properties becoming more difficult to sell and values are reduced.


Downtown Prince George is partnering with PG Groundworks, Victory Paint and the City of Prince George in hopes of providing a prompt response to addressing all types of graffiti vandalism. This program is aimed at making a positive environmental and social impact on the perception of cleanliness in our downtown. Graffiti is an entry-level crime, that if not stopped early, often escalates into more severe nuisance behaviour.

Graffiti without the property owners permission is not art its vandalism? 

Downtown Biohazard Removal

Downtown Prince George is partnering with Acme Janitorial Service and the City of Prince George in hopes of providing a prompt response to addressing camp cleanups, removal of biohazards, and needle cleanup that pose health and safety concerns for all residents. This program is aimed at ensuring cleanliness in all parts of our downtown.