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In our community and in our downtown, we have seen a tremendous amount of creativity during these different times. COVID-19 has changed our world and things look different, but we are the same passionate community that will get through this crisis. The entrepreneurial spirit and passion of our downtown businesses has revealed how they can and will rise to the challenge. Now, more than ever, is the time for us remember the importance of shopping local and supporting your favourite downtown business.

The heart of our city is continuing to beat with resiliency and vibrancy. In this time of uncertainty, you can be certain that our downtown businesses are still providing important products and services while protecting the safety of their staff and you, the customers. There is no better time than now for Prince George to respect, appreciate, and support our businesses. Discover what is in your downtown to help you nourish, flourish, and experience the incredible entrepreneurial spirit of Prince George’s downtown.

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