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Did you know that the City of Prince George operates five parkades and eight parking lots that have parking stalls?

In 2016, the City of Prince George implemented a Downtown Parking Strategy after extensive public consultation. The main purpose of the strategy is to encourage drivers intending to spend more than three hours downtown to park in off-street parking lots rather than on the street in front of businesses and services.

If for any reason, including work, you intend to park downtown for more than three hours during the day on a regular business day, please park in the off-street lots (refer to the map). The charge for parks in these lots is one dollar per hour or six dollars per day. In addition, there are privately owned lots available for rent.

Monday through Fridays (during regular business days) from 7:00am to 5:00pm. There is no charge for off-street and on-street parking stalls during all other hours and days of the week.

For answers to some of the more frequently asked questions regarding the City’s Downtown Parking Strategy. Please visit the City of Prince George’s website here. 

Click HERE for a map of Downtown parking lots. 


Did you know that there are designated cycling lanes and over 60 bike racks in Downtown Prince George?

Whether you ride for exercise, saving gas or fun, biking downtown is fantastic. The City of Prince George has a network of cycling routes and bike lanes designed to encourage, facilitate, and integrate cyclists as part of the overall transportation system.

Cyclist Guide: You will find on the City of Prince George’s website bike lanes and bike way maps, info on how to ride (or drive) safely with cyclists, and special programs/services for cyclist. Click here to view. 


Did you know that Prince George Transit brings you downtown seven days a week?

Explore their website to view maps, schedules and route information. Try their Trip Planner to chart your course. Use their Alerts to determine which routes are fastest. Their website is the best source for the most up-to- date information on detours and delays due to road construction or bad weather.

Rider’s Guide: Is handy guide lists route schedules, maps and other important transit information. Click here to view