Colleen Downtown PG

Colleen Van Mook – Executive Director

Colleen is responsible for managing the day to day operations of the Prince George Downtown Business Improvement Association in alignment with the strategic direction, policies and directives of the Board. She must ensure effective leadership and implementation for the programs, services and projects delivered by the organization. She is expected to leverage opportunities for funding, for new program development and/or special events that will benefit the members, the organization and the community.


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Wendy Pollard – Event Coordinator

Wendy is the Events Coordinator at the Downtown Prince George Business Improvement Association. She is responsible for developing, planning, implementing, and oversight of designated events, programs, and initiatives that help to achieve the goals of the organization. Wendy works closely with the Downtown Prince George Team to ensure that a high level of quality is delivered. In this role, Wendy will cultivate positive relationships with all event stakeholders, board members, business members and sponsors, and seeks to consistently improve event execution and revenues